Updated Complete Collection

I did have this grand idea that I’d take photos of every new addition before lovingly placing them among my shelves, but alas I’m far too busy these days what with an upcoming wedding and all my other commitments.

When I finished the custom pink and white Pet Shop Playset, I did take come photos of my updated collection:


Cozy pets in custom playset




Sorry, Mr Raccoon, I didn’t see you fallen down there!





Custom: Pet Shop Playset

I had in my possession a beaten up 92 Pet Shop Playset. I’ve always liked really girly things, and I really like the look of white and pink, so when it turned out I’d acquired a second Pet Shop Playset, I figured I’d make my very first custom and change its colours.

It wasn’t easy. It took forever because I could only paint when it was a) after work b) enough light and c) good weather. I started months and months ago masking all the irreplaceable stickers and painting all the highlight bits a shiny metallic dusty rose pink, which looks gorgeous (and also some spare fences).

Highlights bare Highlights painted

Then I started painting the playset. I used spray paint and first used a grey undercoat to cover up the bright blue as best I could. This took several days because I had to let the inside and outside dry separately, and also get all the little bits like the corner bend and all the itty bitty openings.

Then I covered it in a snow-white spray paint. It wasn’t as shiny and metallic as I wanted it to be – I wanted it REALLY shiny – so I figured I’d go over it with a pearlescent white I’d also picked up for customs. The pearlescent white barely made a difference so I gave up. My pet shops were pining for a home, anyway, and I was keen to put it all together.

Here’s the result:

Cutsom pet shop front Custom pet shop side Custom pet shop inside

And here are my pets with their new home:

Cozy pets in custom playset


It’s been so long since I posted… honestly I kind of forgot about this blog because my pets were taking a while to come in… but I promise as soon as I have some time I’ll take some photos of the latest acquisitions and then start taking proper photos of my collection.

Waiting On… (6)

I know, I haven’t posted in a while. I missed taking photos of the arrivals of Sky Blaze pony, Busy Hamsters, Zoo Baby Zebra and Pearl the Magic Drinkin’ Filly.

I also received Jet the Lil Saddle Filly and a lot of kitties including the variation of Mommy and Baby Kittens (minus one kitten), and some other randoms not in great condition I’m going to customise.

Included in the lot was the Tinkled Pink Kitty whose curly hair is a complete mess I can’t possibly fix myself (unlike the Royal Palace Ponies whose long straight hair I patiently de-tangled, combed and reset), so I’m going to customise her and give her new hair. I also received a poor little Curly Tail Trio kitty (also pink) who is absolutely gorgeous but minus her long pink tail, so I’m going to figure out how to give her one. The old one was hacked off and because she’s hard plastic, not soft plastic like the Tickled Pink Kitty, I’m not entirely sure how to get the stump of a tail out of her and replace it. Tickled Pink should be a whole lot easier.

But the big news is that I’m waiting on the Garden Tag Pets and the 1993 Happy Pups, which I have only wanted since forever because I think the alternative colours as so gorgeous and I can’t wait until they arrive. Oh, and I’m getting the lively Shih Tzu which will complete my My Real Pets collection.

When I get the time I’m going to start taking photos of the sets individually, too, but my time is a little short at the moment.

Finally, the Complete Collection Reveal




This is the playset I’m going to customise in pink and white.





Waiting On… (5)

I’m waiting on the Lil’ Saddle Filly ‘Jet’ and some replacement kitties and pups for my poor kitties and pups who have been too well-loved and their eyes are wearing off…

My poor little things.

And a bonus Bombay Kitty I think I will keep at work because she’s my favourite (shhh! Don’t tell any of the other pets, they’ll get jealous!).

I’ve been slowly setting up the collection on my new display shelf but it’s taking a while because I’m meticulous about the placement of each set for maximum enjoyment and also I have problems with my feet where I can’t stand up for a long period of time. Last night I completed one section on my knees…

Well, I thought it was complete. Turns out the pony herd can’t be on the top two shelves like I initially thought because they have a lot of empty space above them. They’d be better off on a lower shelf with the various kennels/pet shop playsets higher up for maximum enjoyment and viewing pleasure. So I get to reorganise them as well! (yay!)

There was room on the shelf I completed last night for the last My Real Pets that I need – the Shih Tzu – and today I bid on an incomplete one.  I keep wanting to take the perfect photos to show everyone but I keep waiting on more pets… I don’t want to take photos only to change the collection around and take more…

This is the problem with being a newbie collector.

So this might be the final thing I bid on, and then I’ll start taking collection photos when everything I’m waiting on has arrived.

Acquisition: Lots 2 and 3

Last week I received Lot 2 of the recent lots I purchased. Included in the lot was:

  • Chirpy Birds
  • Tutu Fun Kitty
  • Fluffy Persian Kitty
  • Royal Palace Ponies

Over the weekend I patiently combed out the long mane and tail of the three pets in the Royal Palace Ponies (the two ponies and the puppy) and I have set their hair to curl. I don’t actually like how ridiculously long their hair is but I tested out the setting and it holds well. I didn’t want to use heat to set the curls because I’m sure the hair is synthetic and it will melt if I try that! I think the horses are ridiculously coloured well – I would have liked the original colours shown on the prototype for the box:

I really love the carriage, so that’s why I got the set.

The other sets were all complete and I discovered the Fluffy Persian Kitty’s head moves! I never knew this! You can twist her head and her tail rises and falls. It’s really cute.

The Tutu Fun Kitty is just as adorable as I thought she’d be.

The Chirpy Birds have added nicely to my little birdie collection and I am looking up techniques to clean the frostiness off the plastic aviary. Now my Chirpy Friends are (almost) complete! (I am just missing the spilled milk dish from the kitties and I require a new mouse because my old one doesn’t have his magnet.)

Lot 3 arrived today and in it is:

  • Mommy and Baby bunnies – with box!!
  • Splash Happy Pups – with box!!
  • Crystal Pony
  • Mystic Pony
  • Royal Bombay Kitty

I haven’t unboxed them yet but as soon as I get home I will!

Photos will come soon when I have time – I have been so ridiculously busy this past couple of weeks. I have two more lots to receive then I am taking a break from spending all my money on pet shops!


My little box of accessories and homeless ponies arrived yesterday. There’s no point in taking a photo because I’m going to provide before and after photos of the 3 customised ponies. Also included was a fence piece, a hay bucket, the alternative colour sled for the twilight sledding party pups (I might keep it because it’s alternative, not paint it after all), and the little colt’s teal coat, and Mama Shetland’s yellow coat.

I also have received word that my husband is currently putting together my new bookshelf, so pretty soon when I have time I’ll set up the collection and take photos.

First Shots: Lot 1

Here we have some shots of the first small lot I received. I am expecting several more, so this one will just be ‘Lot 1’.








They are all in remarkably good condition.

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